About Us

Macau Dealer offers strategic advice to gaming, crypto & tech companies for ICO and M&A activities

Having been actively involved in the venture investment space within the gaming technology sector we recognize that one of the key challenges for both companies and investors is liquidity. This is even more apparent for companies operating outside of the major technology startup hubs.

In order to help these companies improve their access to capital, Macau Dealer is set up as a boutique corporate advisory service specializing in partnering with technology companies to access alternative funding through ICOs and other capital markets transactions.

Macau Dealer works closely with a network of partner investment banks and professional firms to help technology companies chart out and execute an early capital market listing or transaction that will meet the needs of the companies and their stakeholders on capital markets suitable for the risk and growth profile of tech companies.

Macau Dealer team is made up of capital markets veterans with diverse international experience across United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. Coupled with our extensive experience in venture investment within the technology space the Macau Dealer team is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of fast-growing technology companies.

Macau Dealer advises in the following capacity: